Im totally new to this. But I'm planning on building an arduino (i have the 328) to display some things:
LCD Display (which should I get?)
Direction, speed, fuel (ill be using a 12v fuel sending unit). Basically where do I start and what do I need to get?

Im wanting the lcd to display the direction, speed, fuel.
I have the atmega328 w/ usb. Is this capable? Thanks guys

I saw that many of us read your concerns, but nobody seems to understand them.

Direction, speed, fuel (ill be using a 12v fuel sending unit). Basically where do I start and what do I need to get?

You mean N-S-E-W as direction?

A GPS will help. And a lot of reading too.


What are you building exactly that will be tested
for these values? I would go for encoders on the driven wheels, you can get speed and probably direction ( depends on the setup ) this
way and quite accurately too.

Speed and fuel would be available through the OBD plug in all relatively new cars . You just need a device to read it .
See GitHub - Magister54/opengauge: Automatically exported from for a starter guide

No offence meant, but this is probably a little too ambitious of a project for you to tackle without more experience and learning using the Arduino platform. Unless you are working from an existing design that provides all the details, parts required and drawings and software routines, I suspect you will get bogged down and frustrated.

Start with more simple projects and learn the basics of hardware design and learning software design.


retrolefty is me i am a noob!

But i also know thats not what you want to hear so...............


You want to build a Arduino, cool what one you going to build? there are alot of cheap easy ones to build, such as the stunning StripDuino

but i would always recomend you get your self the real deal first.....homw builds are cool, but the Arduino Duemilanve is a work of art!


you want to use a LCD, cool start there with some LCD tutorials

This way you are always working towards your goal, but wont get swamped down, and will learn so much more that will come in handy with other projects.

You also need to think about the thorny subject of CODE, I hate it :wink: but some free books like Arduino Programming Notebook by Brian Evans really make it simple!

download for free here:


I feel stupid for writing encoders now that I understand this is for a real car... lol

this isnt in a car rather my airplane. direction, gps (for ground speed), abd reading off a 12v fuel sender