how do i drive a 9-volt server on a arnduio

--i spelled it wrong cuz i ype quick :stuck_out_tongue:

I don't know becuse I replied too fast ;D

If you want helpful replies, you'll have to tell us more information about what you're trying to do. For instance, you mention 9V but you don't mention how much current. And when you wrote "server", did you mean "servo" or "servo motor" or something else?

Dont think i am rude or something, but this is yet another question of you that i read and again it is not visible what exactly you want.
We all have questions here and we all are ready to help if we can, but to help we must know what is wrong. So please follow a few points before you post again a topic where you look for help:

  1. State your problem as clear as possible.
    This is not always possible, for example if there are barriers of language, but one can try. There is almost everytime someone there who knows what you want.
  2. Of cours mistakes can happen by typing fast, but what do you think takes more time? reading through your own one line question and making it understandable by fixing an obvious mistake or writing some excuse which may lead to people dont read you anymore, because such an excuse can read as "Sorry dumbasses, i dont care if you have any problems understanding me."
  3. Code is good, code is worth more than thousand words, yet code needs to be in context. If we cant tell from your code what you want or what doesnt work then tell us. we dont have all the neccessary time/hardware/software in order to compile every code one uploads, so we must know what is wrong with it.
  4. Seriously, even in a crowded board like this one, bumpin is not neccessary within one day...

So about your question. If i get you right you want to drive a 9V servo. Is there anything more you can tell about it? Brand, Type? Pins? But from what i have so far seen the Servo.h library works pretty finde with every Servo i have tried so far (about 10 pieces, ranging from 'new' to '10 years old')

For the software, have a look at:

for the 9V:
use an external power supply that provides 9V and connect it to the 9V (red?) and the 0V or GND wire (black?) of your servo.
Connect the third wire of your servo to pin 9 or 10 of the Arduino.

I would not recommend to drive the Servo via the 5V of the Arduino. And you can't get 9V out of the Arduino...

Don't forget to connect the ground of the Servo with the GND pin of your Arduino.