Hello to all I ask for help I do not know where to start, I have this mathematical formula to be included in the Arduino Mega 2560 + + MPU6050 Ziyun In GPS Module with Enclosure, GPS Receiver for Arduino.

I should get the position from GPS latitude and longitude of where they are,
and give me the satellire position I want to take with elevation and azimuth,
then start the engine to do the pointing,
I ask for help if someone has already done something.

Thanks for your cooperation

Paul :o sorry for my english

v1 = 6,612 * cos(LAT)*cos(LONG-SATLONG)-1
v2 = 6,612 * sqrt(1-(cos(LAT)^2) * (cos(LONG-SATLONG))^2)
Elevazione = atan(v1/v2)
Azimut = 180 + atan( tan(LONG-SATLONG) / sin(LAT))

TELE_parabola.ino (10.1 KB)