hello everyone ,im very new to arduino im trying to set very simple circuit, i found one on internet , i didnt understand the red cable of 5v and its role in the montage.


Yeah... Whoever created that probably uses the same power-bus setup on all his projects.

thank you guys :slight_smile:


OP - as you become more familiar, explore your future options for circuit diagrams.
I won't suggest one in particular - there are many options - all promoted by various people om the forum!

The Fritzing diagram used in your example is often used by beginners, but is severely limited in its usefulness beyond a blinking LED or hooking up a 9V battery. You'll often get negative feedback when you use a Fritzy - from me as well!

Schematics are a bit like text cut & paste - mistakes can creep in, so it's better if you draw it yourself, then you know and understand why it's drawn that way.

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