HELP!!!! :(

Ok so my boss want me to research a system for us. We are required to design a system where some perfume is on a stand, when the perfume is lifted it starts a video from a pc on the screen. I have suggested connecting a pressure pad to arduino can anyone elaborate on a working system I could use?


you could just use a metal plate with a thin rubber cover...
then u measure the change of capacity of that metal plate...

therefore u "charge" the metal plate via a 1MegaOhm resistor and measure the time it takes until a digial pin reads "HIGH"...
u should use fast reads (e. g. via PINC): Arduino Reference - Arduino Reference

there is a library already: Arduino Playground - HomePage

OK thanks mate I'll look into that now

Why not just using one of these?

Or even a simple push button to disconnect when the bottle is removed?

Yea I'm using an FSR now and using inbetwino to open the file when the led goes off when the circuit is broken.