helping NEWBIES.

OK, i’ve read many comments on here regarding “NEWBIES”. as far as i’m concerned, “NEWBIES” are just people trying to learn how to “CODE” an arduino. Remember ,this is an open source community. Just because you learned c++ at college/university,doesn’t mean you own this forum ! Doesn’t mean you can mislead people with your knowledge! Often i have seen this,or when a question is asked… the reply is… learn how to code.!..My thoughts are…go and sit in a corner and blow bubbles out of your nose,because you have no friends! we just want to make things work.
(rant over).

I, among others have put some effort into helping out with generic questions
The best way to learn is to ‘do’, then show your work and ask questions. It works.

If you search for the keyword BEGINNERS, that may help you get over the Christmas grumps.


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Often i have seen this,or when a question is asked.. the reply is.... learn how to code.!.

And what would your Reply be?


PS ... As (at the time I write this) you have 2 Posts I reckon you yourself have not yet put much effort into helping newbies.

:o :o :o O.K, I hold my hands up. What i said in this forum was totally unacceptable. (You guys are great)!
I vented my frustration in the wrong place.

I offer my sincere apologies.

My frustration is with the you tubers out there and as such i should have posted in the correct place.

I am truly SORRY.
KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. :slight_smile:

Just my two cents worth.

Any programming I learned was not at college or school and the same with electronics.
All that was self taught which is why it is not the best in my case and why I stay away from some topics completely.

I know enough to be dangerous but enough to be useful in some situations.
That self taught knowledge did get me enough computer experience to pass some basic exams.
MCSE, Data source Analysis and other similar level tickets along with a radio ham course.

I would not hesitate to guess there are others with similar non standard approaches who simply picked things up in life as hobbies etc.

As was mentioned elsewhere in one of the README posts very few of us have a teachers ticket which means we may not always express ourselves the same as a teacher might do.
That does not mean we don't care it just means we are regular people like you.


My frustration is with the you tubers out there and as such i should have posted in the correct place.

That seems a strange comment. The YouTube videos I have watched (in whole or in part) have been keen to help people. I have not come across any that tell the viewer "go and learn coding". But perhaps I don't watch enough of them.

This one caught my eye a few days ago Model railroad reversing loop. There are some glaring errors in the code - to the extent that it seems the author knows very little about programming - yet it actually works the way he wants it to.


YT vids can be commented on for the most part, and with most I have found the originator to be quite open to constructive commentary.

How you address the problem is a key indicator though.
Simply calling it rubbish will probably get you zero or a negative response.
Being more thoughtful will often get you an open dialogue and useful info that others will find more use for.

Akin to this forum where thoughtful questions make for better replies.

There are some glaring errors in the code

void loop() {
 analogRead(sensor1); //reads sensor input
 Serial.println(sensor1);//displays sensor value in serial monitor

I see what you mean !