helpo in USB libray for ADK

Hi all, i am working with usb library which developed by oleg, so i have some query regarding this library could you help me?

  1. when i was connect MEGA ADK to android device, for initiate USB i have to open serial monitor in arduion IDE.

why it is happen. there is firmware side issue or hardware side, in my opinion this is the problem of max3421e IC if i am right so this IC required a signal for initiating could you tell me how could i remove this thing?

  1. i more thing is when i am sending data via USB to android device. 1) what is the data length or can say byte array length which i can send via USB? 2) what is the data sending speed or can say data rate we can send?

Hardware :- MEGA ADK (Development board) HTC Explorer (Android Device)

Software :- ARDUINO - 1.0