Helpp me....with this driver i cant understand the waveform diagram

Hi all i need help on how to read this stepper driver waveform diagram…i need to make a code to drive mystep motor

Hi, still struggling with that stepper driver ?

The picture is for a signal at is 'active' when low.
T3 is the falling and rising edge, and need to be less than 2us. The Arduino is a lot faster than that. So no problem.
T1 is the time that the signal is low. It needs to be at least 6us.
T2 is the time that the signal is high. It needs to be at least 10us.

To make that in the Arduino it could be like this:

  digitalWrite (pinX, LOW);
  delayMicroseconds (6);  
  digitalWrite (pinX, HIGH);
  delayMicroseconds (10);

Indeed - the seemingly slow signals are needed when the motor driver uses
cheap opto-couplers which are rather slow to respond. In practice a particular
motor driver may work with shorter pulses, but 10us is the commonly quoted value
that should work with anything.

thanks all when i able to complete my homemade cnc controlled with vb i share it in this forum :slight_smile:

sir,err at what frequencies does this driver will work

digitalWrite(CW, LOW);//t3

digitalWrite(CW, LOW);//t1
delayMicroseconds(8 );

digitalWrite(CW, HIGH);//t3

digitalWrite(CW, HIGH);//t2

Is it like this? can some one help

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