Helppp !!!

I'm doing a project with arduino uno. I want to make things run LDR curtain On the morning when the engine needs it, in the evening when the curtain is closing in need. How do I do that? Where can I find the code? PLEASE HELP. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :smiley-rulo-ter: :smiley-rulo-ter:

To read a value representing light intensity is the easy part. A LDR in series with a resistor. The tricky part is how to connect to your curtains. What kind of motor? How to detect ends (up/down) to stop the movement.

Have a look at this tutorial. Decide what value is the threshold between light and dark,and use an "if...else" to open or close. You can test your logic just by printing "opening" or "closing" in the serial monitor.

But as knut_ny says, you then need to hook the motor up and for direction control you need a motor driver; I use this one but you need to check the volts and amps are ok for your motor.

You might get better help if you change the thread title to something more descriptive.