Heltec 1.54 e-paper demo code failed

I found some posts about the Heltec 1.54 e-paper and found the demo code at the supplier for this board.

Sadly the pinout of this demo does not match my board.
From the code: RST 8, DC 9, CS 10 and I assume SDI to be 11 and CLK 13
My board is labelled BUSY, CLK, CS, SDI, D/C, GND and VCC

So I have no RST but BUSY

I installed the library and connected the BUSY to pin 8 but no luck, suggestions about what to do are welcome

I used the following library and left the RST pin disconnected

This GxEPD works so I can start working on my project, thanks for reading

Hello dear Erik

I tried to do the same as you and still could not get it to work. Used driver:

#include <GxGDEP015OC1/GxGDEP015OC1.h>

I connected the same as with other Eink displays:

Data IN → MOSI (23 on esp32)
CLK → CLK (18)

And the rest to another GPIOs that are working with other displays leaving RST to -1 in the library.

But I could not get it to display anything so far. As an additional info my display has no reset but it does have BUSY so I connected all wires except RST that is disconnected.