Here I lost 25 Minutes of my life ;),86161.0.html

In first answer, bottom I decribed my problem in English.

If a new posted answer is kicked out while a condition (quota exceeded or file ending not allowed) does not match I would call it a ... MISTAKE ?!

In my oponion this may slow down the use of Arduino, kind of anti productive ?

Greetz to this otherwise super Projekt.


Yeah not nice, occured to me a few times (or browser stuck etc).

I try to do longer replies in notepad++ or do a CTRL_A CTRL-C sometimes to copy my typed content if it becomes a lot. But not allways ;(

It's not the past we're going to ;)


as we are using a completely standard open source forum system that doesn't use a session variable to store your current post, but that it uses a pretty normal php-generated html form, this is what we have to deal with.

That said, we are working to fix this. I am sorry I cannot give you a roadmap on this.