Here is my idea, Noob here.

Hi, i was looking for a little project for some time now, when i stumbled upon the arduino board. I intend to learn alot by reading and by asking question. I don’t have any knowledge about programming, and lil about electronics.

For the programming part I intend to use parts of the codes in the playground sections.

Here is my idea.
I found a couple of interesting parts on sparkfun and I would like to know if what I intend to do is possible ( at least for me )

I would like to have a display with useful informations about my house.

Indoor/Outdoor temperature / moisture
The temperature of the main computer (HTPC)
Time and Date

Also I dont know if it’s possible.
I would like to use it as a Sideshow. Where I could display the progress of the active torrents on the HTPC. HDD space left. And the Network status. ( how many computer connected, which one.)

All of this displayed on a LCD.

Any idea of what I need, how hard it is, stuff like that?

Thx alot


Most of these things are easy, one at a time.

I don’t know about the status of torrents and the network stuff you write about, you obviosly need some software on the PC that somehow can send this information to the serial port to Arduino.

You probably need to program e custom application for the PC to gather the temp. / torrent / network info. This can be quite a task if you have never done any programming before. So i think starting with the display and temperature sensors is probably best.

I would highly recomend that you, do it step by step. First get the display working, then add a single temp. sensor work with it til everything is ok, then add the rest one bit at a time. This way you can make sure every thing is workin before you ad more. This makes troubleshooting much easier.

Another good idea is to go through some of the tutorials to learn some basic stuff first. This will make it a lot easier for you to understand the more complex stuff later. Start with simple stuff, make a LED blink, hook a switch up etc. Lady Ada,s tutorials are really good if you are a beginner, She combines programming intro with electronics info and Arduino basics. you can find them here : Arduino Tutorial - Learn electronics and microcontrollers using Arduino!

As far as the information from the computer, there’s an open source program called LCDSmartie which collects the data and outputs it to a parallel or serial port, you’d just have to configure it into something the Arudino can easily read and parse.

I (and a bunch of other people) have done that to make analog dials to display things about the comptuer such as CPU Load, memory usage, etc.

oh, nice pointer, Oracle, didn’t know about it.

Thanks for sharing!

@ MikMo, I agree every thing will be done step by step. Anyway with school and work I don’t have much time but I need to think of a project for myself. So I’ll order the arduino board and use it as a learning bench for electronics and programming. On there is no indication if the arduino board comes with a starting kit or just the board itself. I already got a couple of LED and a usb cable. We’ll see.

Thanks alot for the fast reply

The SHT15 is not too hard to interface with. Check out for an Arduino starter kit