Herkulex DRS 0101 control error 255


I’m facing this problem with Herkulex motor DRS 0101. The motor doesn’t respond to any code generated from my computer including the examples provided. The red LED of the motor will blink and the status of the motor returns 255.

Does anyone know about this problem?


Manual of the motor(Page 39 has the information of status error):

Example code with the library. For the value of baud rate, I’ve tried using 57600 and 115200 but it doesn’t make a difference.

#include <Herkulex.h>

void setup()
int n=1; //set the motor ID
delay(2000); //a delay to have time for serial monitor opening
Serial.begin(115200); // Open serial communications
Herkulex.begin(57600,10,11); //open serial with rx=10 and tx=11
Herkulex.reboot(n); //reboot
Herkulex.initialize(); //initialize motors
Serial.println(“Set Led Green”);
Herkulex.setLed(n,LED_GREEN2); //set the led to green
Serial.println(Herkulex.stat(n)); //verify error code

void loop(){