.hex export / upload feature


I have an situation where I do compile sketch on my desktop PC, and need to upload sketch to device (standalone) with notebook. I find it very inconvenient, as upload should be done via CMD (avrdude), also hex is being exported to some random temporary directory. I think it could be tweaked a bit to have an export dialog where you can at least select path to export, also feature to upload .hex file directly without compiling a sketch, as in this situation libraries/projects needs to be in sync...

I don't see any restrictions over doing it really easily.

Thanks, no offense, just an idea :cold_sweat:

I don't see any restrictions over doing it really easily.

The IDE is open source. Have at it. When you get it working, post the changes back to the source repository and create a pull request. Since it's so easy, I'll expect a report on Monday.

Hehe, you are really good into involving people to contribute. Easily, I mean it should not be difficult execute avrdude command line (same one used for uploading sketches, just with different, selectable hex path) from IDE directly.

Inspired by you I tried to build latest github sources myself, and ended up by bunch of errors. It may be because I use latest eclipse version (mars), or any kind of stuff, as I did not find any proper references explaining how IDE could be compiled standalone (or what configuration is necessary), I threw it away and accidentally found small tool for my issue to be solved - XLoader, uploads went just fine.

If any proper reference exists, explaining what guys you did here, and how to contribute developing it, instead of spending millions of hours trying to just build sources - would be just great, I think a lot more devs would contribute.


I think "Sketch->Export compiled binary" menu option of IDE (1.6.5) is what you want

Where do the binaries get put?