Hex file from Arduino to at90usb1287


I was just wondering if i could just use Arduino IDE and libraries to compile the code and then take the .hex file and write it to my CPU using FLIP.

What would be problems when i would try to do this?

I found this Arduino on All Sorts of Atmels : 7 Steps - Instructables when googeling and with the core files from http://www.avr-developers.com/ i should be able to use arduino as ISP. But thats not really what i want. I want to use Atmels bootloader what comes with the chips.

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The hard part is that the Arduino IDE puts the .hex file in a random temporary folder. If you turn on verbose messages for upload you will get to see the avrdude command that includes the full path to the .hex file.

So there wont be any problems with not having Arduino bootloader on the chip?

I am using IDE without the bootloader - using a programmer for flashing the .hex files.
Add for example:
to your "preferences.txt" - and you will find the .hex files there..

If it has to be a at90usb1287 so be it. However if a at90usb1286 also would work for your application you may be better off getting a Teensy++ Teensy USB Development Board with the Teensyduino add-on to the Arduino IDE.

Another "if" would be if you need the formfactor of an Arduino board.