HEX file making

Hello, I want to create HEX file from Arduin sketch(.ino file) with out using Arduin IDE. Who know how to did it. Please help me.

Hello and welcome.

Yes, it is possible but it is very complicated. Everything depends on used platforms: OS, MCU type. If we are talking e.g. about the most used Arduino UNO, it uses ATmega328P so the Atmel toolchain can be used or the Atmel Studio. It is available for the Windows and Linux OSs. Atmel Studio (AS) is only for the Windows. It is just first thing. The build process uses a lot of libraries and you have to specify their use and to create a make - in a case of the toolchain. To use Atmel Studio is much easier, but for the Arduino it requires to include its libraries.
Truly, it is not easy way for the noob and the IDE solves it for many MCU platforms and several OSs, so why to not use the IDE directly? Life is too short.
I think, my answer doesn't satisfy you. Maybe you could better describe your motivation first, to obtain better answer.

If you enable verbose mode for compiling and uploading, you'll see all the commands that are actually invoked.

If you intend to use a text editor to write your code, and then run some batch set of commands to compile, link, and upload, keep in mind that the IDE does more than just invoke the commands. It copies files, adds function prototypes, adds header file include statements, etc. that YOU will have to do.