hex file upload

Hi iam having probs uploading a hex file to a mega 2560 board,

C:\windows\system32>avrdude -p m2560-c stk500 -P com7 -U flash:w:Progmem.hex

is what i have so far but it times out when i use it, anyone have any help/tips


do need a rfid board to do this? or how do i wire up the board to do it?

got this prob now

Try "stk500v2" instead of "stk500"

In your gif, you seem to be missing the "avrdude" part of the command, along with the files.
The command in your first post was approximately correct.


still having probs with this, im on a computer in work would be causing the access denied message when trying to use certain files?

i recommend to download below software & choose your hex file.

Its more easyway of uploading hex file

using the xloader the hex file uploads but there is no speed control. The boards are being used to control the speed of a semi auto welding machine and dont have the adjustment uploaded.

Hey first try your complete code on arduino board. once you make ensure its working as desire use that hex file for other board.

I have been using the hex file upload for 2 years. I havent come across any problems