HEX to IR help

Hello, I am getting into remote control with my arduino. What I was initially trying to do was to take a hex code from remotecentral.com and change it into binary to get to then change it back into hex to get a more compressed version. This is what I have done:

11011010 00000000 01000100 00000000 00000110 00000001 01010010 00000000
0xDA     0x00     0x44     0x00     0x06     0x01     0x52     0x00
0xDA00440006015200  OR:
0xDA446152??????? Is any one of these correct?

I am wondering if I did any of these correct? And how could I use this to transmit to an IR led? Any thoughts and help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

These are eight one-byte values expressed in hex.

0xDA 0x00 0x44 0x00 0x06 0x01 0x52 0x00

This is the corresponding 64-bit (eight byte) value expressed in hex.


It is not 'more compressed' except in the sense that the textual display is shorter - it still occupies eight bytes and from the point of view of the code there is no particular advantage of one form over the other. Given that you are proposing to output this as an IR bitstream, either representation would be fine.

I can't tell you how to output the IR bitstream but I'm sure that Google will turn up plenty of examples, and you'll probably find some in the playground too.