Hexapod pogramming/ using nrf24l01 , Arduino Uno and Mega

Hello, community,
in the last few months I started with a new Projekt. To build a Hexapod.
I bought from Makerfactory the Hexapod Board (atmega2560) and upload the basic code for the robot.
For Using this Code, an Arduino Uno is connected to the special atmega.
The Arduino Uno uses the software serial library to sent data to the atmega.

I decided to build an nrf24l01 controller, to control my little spider.
My receiver is the Arduino Uno.
But now I have a problem and I do not know where or what it is.
I Just know that my Arduino Uno has not received the data from the Transmitter and maybe there is a problem by sending the data to the atmega too.
I write a second code, without a special library, but with no success.

It would be very nice, if somebody could help me.

PS: In my code, there is a Talk function, if someone is confused XD
Thx Chris

final.ino (26.6 KB)

Moving_03.ino (24.3 KB)

If you have concerns over the serial communication between the transmitter and the receiver, test and troubleshoot just that.
Create code that just handles the communication. No code for the hexapod, just the communication.
Have the receiver echo everything it receives to the serial monitor.