Hey Focalist! You want Gas detectors?

I PM'd you a link but I guess you don't bother with PM's.


the bottom one, complete unit runs $9.90 for 1, $7.90 for 100+

my highlights, if you don't see the right type then check the page above.

Gas Leak Alarm Module

Complete Gas Leak Alarm Module for use in Home or Factory to warn of leaking LPG, Natural Gas or Coal Gas. This unit provides output LED and buzzer driver for visual and audio indication when the gas concentrations reaches a dangerous level. The unit can also drive a valve in the gas supply, to switch off the gas if a leak is detected.

The unit requires a 9V DC Supply and is very compact for easy mounting in portable or fixed equipment. Calibration is quite easy and trip point will remain set for the life of the module. This ready to use Gas Leak Module can easily be incorporated into a large unit to provide a full Gas Leak Alarm.


Pricing Features

Ready-to-Run No Additional Circuitry Required Ideal for use in Alarm Units for Home or Factory Detects LPG, Natural Gas and Coal Gas Output Available for LED's or Buzzers Detection Range: 1 - 25% (Leak Gas Level) Accuracy: ±5% Dimensions: 22.3mm Length, 25.4mm Width, 15.2mm Height

Cripes dude, I thought this just -might- be what you were looking for.

Sorry about not replying on the PM, been a bit under the weather again.

Yep, those are the sensors I am using, though I am using multiple types (MQ2 and MQ6 together and have MQ135 on order). Just got another batch of both in the mail today, ordered them a while back from a vendor in China.

Yep, that's the basic idea- the technology is pretty simple.. it's getting this thing made and implemented and certified that is the real issue. A commercially produced and certified valve that would be installed on the mains- which you and I are very much not allowed to do. In many places it's illegal to mess with the gas, in all places it's foolish!

Development of the hardware really isn't a big deal, nor is the code. It's putting the thing together and getting it in front of the right people to make it happen that is the big battle :)

Oh. Sorry man, I thought you were still looking for sensors. I didn't know you had to deal with politicians. If Obama says yes it will never get passed.