Hey guys, first post. LCD1602 programming question

I'm just now getting back into arduino. Last week I built 3 useless machines and an Otto with arms. My wedding anniversary is coming up, and I would like to do something special for my wife. I have a 1602LCD and I was wondering if anyone knows a code to change the message every few seconds and then loop. I would take the time to figure it out on my own, but I only have a few days to make this project. Let me know if its even possible. Thanks in advance!


Assuming you have an Arduino, of some sort, a 1602, and nothing else, the "hello world" and a counter will suffice. You just store a raft of messages, and change them when the count reaches something.

Thanks nick, I've been doing a little more research, and it looks like it will be pretty easy. Any idea how many messages the UNO can hold? Just curious.

Thanks for the quick response. I 3D printing a wooden heart box right now, and the LCD will be on the cover...that's what my wife gets for marrying a nerd! lol


...that's what my wife gets for marrying a nerd!

I guess she should have known better, but that rather depends on the contents of the messages. The same might be said for the number than can be stored. I imagine quite a few, and there is no need to rush out and get an SD module.