Hey guys - I need help with my arduino nano project


Look up the specifications for Your hardware. They will tell You. I can't.

What does the spec of the ledstrip say?

What kind of ledstrip? Link can be useful.


A Nano has a max rating on the VCC (5volt) pin of 6volt, but I wouldn’t go higher than 5.5volt.
The V-in (raw) pin is the input of the onboard 5volt regulator, and needs at least 6volt (6-9volt) for the regulator to make a stable 5volt.
An 2812b LED has an absolute max rating of 5.3volt, and needs 4-5volt to work properly.
They draw almost 60mA each when fully lit, so battery power for a long strip is tricky.
Post all your intentions.

How long is the strip?

Thanks… Tom… :slight_smile: