Hey im thinking of buying my first Arduino.

Hey im new. Ive seen what people can do with the Arduino and bluetooth on youtube. I am very impressed! I would love to be able to control an rc car by a wii mote! What exactly is an Arduino? What do i need to get started? I am really interested!

Awesome! Go pick up an Uno somewhere, like gravitech.us, and start doing some searches & reading. Here’s one to start, found by searching for wiimote:


Welcome Darrion! To get started you will need an Arduino board, a computer and lots of time and patience unless you already have a strong programming background. You will also need a prototyping board, a few electronic components such as resistors and LED's. Once you feel comfortable with the basics of flashing LED's etc. you will want to obtain a motor control board and motors if you want to control cars. I would reccomend Adafruit Industries http://www.adafruit.com/ or Sparkfun http://www.sparkfun.comas a good source both for hardware and tutorials. Read all you can and ask questions on the forums. Just be aware that all this takes time and effort and your goal of using a Wiimote to control a car will be some ways in the future. I got into using the Arduino about 3 months ago with the goal of creating a simple linear positioning system and I'm now only about halfway there but I've learned a great deal in the process. The learning curve can be frustrating at times but when you get something working it feels really great! Good luck to you.

Meh, personally I don't see the learning curve as that steep. But then again, I have a background in coding.. and am interested in technology in general. Where there is a will, there is a way, so to speak.

As for the wiimote / RC car. By the time you've learned how to accomplish this, you will have found much more interesting things ;D Like throwing out the wiimote part of the project, aswell as the RC part. Fully autonomous GPS guided car, anyone? :D