HHO gas

I don’t know where to pause this so please forgive me.

There is allot of HHO DIY things around and the commercially available ones are boxed I wonder if a micro controller is used inside to monitor or make adjustments…

Has anyone in this forum thought of a arduino assisted HHO production module?

A friend of mine was trying to convince me this stuff was valid today :frowning:

They play off the ignorance of innocent saps, the only successful thing an HHO generator does is part fools from their money.

You may tell them that electrolyzing water into hydrogen and oxygen requires the same amount of energy that is released when they are combined again. However, they have an answer for you: a mysterious way to get water separated with less energy than normal electrolysis requires.

The mysterious magical acronym? PWM.

I would have thought that Pulse Width Modulation was not enough of a vague term to get people to buy into this nonsense, but apparently it still mystifies people into a head-nodding, I-see-the-emperor’s-clothes, money-spending attitude.

Also, they only work with bottled water that costs more than gas anyway!!

Thank you for the replies.

The particular equipment that interest me is this http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=G6YYUOx6fBU
It uses HHO on demand compared to conventional tanks which is safer.
I had a thought of using the same idea in heating water systems using conventional electricity perhaps…

I’m really having trouble to see how homemade electrolysis machines that use several kW of power and that mix Hydrogen and Oxygen together could be safe at all. I think if you really need this machine for your profession you are better to buy from a certified company.