Hi all i wonder what if the arduino library is not supported by the driver

what will i do if the arduino library is not supported by the stepper motor driver .............. :slight_smile:

Can you tell us which motor driver ? You can copy the url in the text.

here i post the driver datasheet…still dont know how to drive my 4 wire stepper motor with it yet… XD

ims200.pdf (228 KB)

That is the "IMS200 series 2 Phase Half/ Full Step Driver"

You would need two Arduino output pins for CW and CCW.
The diagram shows how to connect it, is in the datasheet : "Connection Diagram".
The driver has two modes : pulses for up and down (CW / CCW) or a direction and clock (Pulse / Direction).

There are other driver like it.
For example this project used the Pulse/Direction method:
I can't find information on the highest frequency for your motor driver, so I don't know what delays should be used between the pulses.

The AccelStepper seems to support the easydriver, so I think you can use it for your motor driver.
In the documentation I read: "AccelStepper::DRIVER (1) means a stepper driver (with Step and Direction pins)".

the driver doesnt have ground pin so is it necessary to my arduino?

The driver uses an opto-coupler, so the power of the motor is not connected to the Arduino. That is very good.

You can use the 5V or the GND of the Arduino for the opto-couplers.

1 ) using 5V
Output pin of Arduino to CW- and 5V to CW+
Another output pin to CCW- and 5V to CCW+
This can be used for example with open collector output.
The signal is inverterd. The signal is active when the Arduino pin is low, the rising edge activates the motor.

2 ) using GND
Output pin of Arduino to CW+ and GND to CW-
Another output pin to CCW+ and GND to CCW-
The signal is not inverted, it is active when Arduino pin is high, the falling edge activates the motor.
I prefer this one, allthough the pdf document prefers using the 5V.

This time I read the timing. The pulse needs to be active for at least 6us and inactive for at least 10us. You have to check the code or library if they have that.

ooo i see is there any example code to test my motor using this driver.....i had try many code but still no luck :sweat_smile: