Hi anybody from india?

As you all know arduino is very simple to use.so i m thinking of making arduino india community on facebook where we can share ideas and experiences.please reply to this post.

ashok in mumbai

just uploaded diy home automation project

There are many from India who do Arduino but almost none active in forum activity (especially helping other's).

I'm from India and the Damn 8) Forum Moderator.

Hai, This is Sridevi from India. Interested to participate.

Welcome sridevi.


This id Debojit from Kolkata India. I am working at Cognizant and i love arduino, though i forgot c++ programming that i did long back during my graduation.
I am reachable at 7044094407.
I think we can start working very closely and can help each other in dire need times.

I have also started working on a very advanced level home automation project where one can literally do any work remotely using the android phone.

Connectivity proposed- wifi, bluetooth, and infrared remote(most power effective when you are at home).

Sensors planned - ambient light sensor to automatically turn on/off lights, temparature sensors, gas sensor, real time clock module.

remote to master communication - wifi, bt, infra
master to slave (controlled device) communication - rf, using nrf24l01+ modules, very good and cheap
master to n/w connectivity - enc28 ethernet module.
Planning to build on ATmega328.

I would definitely need your help completing this, so looking forward for extended help.



Good project thought, though the very very advanced level home automation stuff is actually very common these days because of the nature of the domain(everybody seems to start with automating the things around him that he owns thus his home control)
You can find Domotic home application its a complete internet connected solution for smart home using DIY Arduino and my andRHOME too!

you are free to post any of your problems here, I as the Moderator will try to address the problems ASAP.


This is Avishek from Berhampore , WB, India

Welcome Avishek

I was wondering if there is any offline retailers for arduino in Kolkata??? :roll_eyes:

I'm new to this forum.I'm from Pune.Have you made FB page for indians? we will make forum active

I am manu from India, I am located at Allahabad in U.P.

my latest crush is Arduino, I'll be active here so lets keep in touch and help each other with
bright ideas about Arduino based projects.

For my bag-round, I am into electronics as hobby since last 2 decades.

this is surya reporting from assam!!!!: ) someone will tell me how to connect a OV7670 VGA TO A TFT SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Pavitar from Mumbai, India. I'd like to participate!

have anyone used nrf24l01?

I am Naresh agarwal from Allahabad, India
Starting shortly a Raspberry pi/Arduino Club at 22 Sarojini Naidu Marg, Allahabad.
Manu & anybody else interested in above can contact me at 08853478181 or narwala4@gmail.com

I am, from Allahabad would like to contact people interested in joining a Raspberry Pi/Arduino Club at 22 Sarojini Naidu Marg, Allahabad.
Contact Naresh Agarwal, 08853478181, narwala4@gmail.com

I've moved to Noida last year, and plan to make a few Arduino Projects.

Anyone from NCR here, we can share ideas and codes to help each other.

i love vocodex

Iam vikas from banglore and am in