Hi coos

HA! You quite the poet QDS!

I’m glad you like the poems.

ChrisTenone: HA! You quite the poet QDS!

Definitely multitalented; 3D printing, dog friendly doors and poesy.

Sadly not my own work;

Stay the patient course Of little worth is your ire The network is down

The code was willing,

It considered your request,

But the chips were weak.

Printer not ready. Could be a fatal error. Have a pen handy?

Aaron and Abe

Thought experiments never pay out. There needs to be actualization. You found it without facing causality. You avoided it.

You could not avoid consequences though.

Loops stacked upon themselves till the weight of your mistake ended what you loved most.

You might recreate the past but you cannot undo regret.


The Men On Trains

A sweaty invisible man drifts toward the roar of subway trains. Perspiration rolls down his face, or tears, perhaps.

Finally he has a purpose.

يا إلهي ، خذني

A cold stern man sits uncomfortably in the stench of humanity. His blank stare diverted to a crazed migrant yelling what he will not understand.

Finally he feels unrelenting warmth.

Oh god, save me.

For DaveInNJ


How easily I surrender my thoughts to flashes, forgoing real meaning for bangs and lights blinking; Prompted to press "a" my tired thumb bashes. How easily I surrender my thoughts to flashes. Texting with one eye while the other avoids crashes. Someday i'll drift clear past center line while thinking how easily I surrender my thoughts to flashes, forgoing real meaning for bangs and lights blinking.

You channelling Leonard Cohen Qds?

ChrisTenone: You channelling Leonard Cohen Qds?

Damn, I could not figure out what Qds stood for. Went through the Leonard Cohen playlist, looked up the latin "quater die sumendus".

Finally the penny dropped with a bang and realisation flashed.

Obviously a Monday morning and brain not functioning.

I’m pretty sure when it’s all over, I will sigh eternally.... so, maybe.

I should have put the comma in. :(


Six years ago my son shot up his last string of heroin smuggled here from some South-American shithole.

And she’s all I have left. My sweet girl - jailbait for unwanted undocumented gang-bangers living tax free on my dime.

And I have to protect her. Sharia law is coming, believe me. They said 9/11 couldn’t happen but the planes still crashed.

And I have to be proud for her. So I stand for my country. Soon as the truck fixed up i’ll fly the stripes and stars.

And America has to be great for her. So i’ll settle down for a little slumber so I won’t have to see her disgrace.

Is it possible to write Haikus in Hawaiian? Just writing "Oumuamua" seems to use up five syllables.

On Desiring The Recreation Of The Freedom Of A Shotgun - 1994

Pins and needles scatter light from crevices of sunshine crawling through brown shades of dust.

How many times can thirty days be cast aside - secrets in a dresser collected - regrets in a cigar box unkept?

Pins and needles wage a fight over the love for self destruction against the righteousness of life.

Little Bit

Dear it’s quite clear you’re like a lemon drop

You’re the kind of candy that sticks hard shell gone soft - stuck in mouth

You’re the kind of candy that tricks with a two toned taste - a little bitter

You’re the kind of candy that sits - bottom of the dish - just sweet enough

Like a lemon drop

My lame attempt…

Some folks enjoy the roses.
Some folks fear the thorns.
Soon there will be neither.

Who will regret

The goal is to keep trying

Qdeathstar: The goal is to keep trying

Meow, I thought @microcat's was good.

i didn’t mean to be rude, my point is you keep writing and if your lucky one of your shit poems isn’t shit. So i keep trying. No offense made. It wasn’t s comment on his poem, but on his “lame attempt comment”. They are all lame attempts. But not his, personally.