Hi everyone (new)

I am Azumi Osaki (大崎梓美), woman of 26 yo, japanese, hyperactive (adhd-tda) and I am new on Arduino. Since young I like to fix (or repair) eveything and I love to give a second life to the objects (recycling, cardboard, electronic parts and so). I don't have so much to say about me but I think I have a part of all of you here so that will be easy for you to identify me with time "(^ . ^)".

I am new in this Arduino world but by looking all subjects that I can read and videos that I can see, that is something I would really like to learn and test for everything with nothing. I know some basic stuffs but sometime, it's very hard to figure out things and answers are very ehm... "(¬ . ¬)" and people refuse to explain the "how to" even if I am ready to pay for their services or final result to make things work "(- . -)"

I am not very good in english (and french) but I can read to figure out the meanings so feel free to talk, answer or ask me to be more clearer in case of misunderstanding or figuring the meaning if I ry to explain something and I will work hard for not wasting your time and/or giving you hard time "(^ . ^)"

Conclusion, I am happy to join the Magic Arduino World "(ღ˘ ⌣ ˘ღ)"

Welcome @Azumi Osaki

"(ღ˘ ⌣ ˘ღ)"

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