Hi everyone

Hi everyone

Can please help us by answering our survey


Why should we, you don't explain what the survey is about and what you are going to do with the info.

I'm Sorry

I have homework which i have to develop a robot that follow a predefined path and avoid obstacles

so i made this survey to help me calculate information to help me

please help me

So your "survey" is a sort of surrogate Google?
Or Google by proxy?

Isn't that a domain where bank scam mails point to, claiming to be a new login for the all new and improved e-bank site ?

I used google form to make this form because it's free and have unlimited questions you do not need to sign up for answering and ulyou do not have to write your personal information

You may have more success here by presenting a text based survey. At least that way we are not likely to get scammed.