Hi Folks, complete noob here with some questions regarding line following!

Hi All,

I would really appreciate any advice and light that can be shed on the project I'm trying to complete. I am a complete noob so apologies in advance if I sound daft!

I've got a FWD Tamiya M05 Chassis and I want to get it to follow a black line on a white background with the use of an arduino and a pair of IR sensors. I've seen plenty of projects with twin motor set ups which are able to navigate their way around a course, however I wanted to ask whether it's possible to achieve this with a servo to control the steering instead of controlling the motors individually?

If I can get the line following done, I'd also like to do a collision mitigation system if possible. I've got the ultrasonic sensor for this and an extra arduino as well as a motor driver, however, the motor is currently controlled by the ESC installed in the RC car, is it possible to run the motor driver and the ESC in parallel or is there another workaround to control the motor via Arduino with the ability to still control the RC car from the remote.

Sorry for the looong post and stupid questions, but as before any advice would be really very much appreciated!


It should certainly be possible to follow a line with a robot that has servo-controlled steering.

If the sensor shows it is off course it should make a small steering correction in the appropriate direction. Some of the line following sensors have several IR detectors so they should be able to report different amounts of "off-course"

One thing to watch for is the possibility that a robot that uses differential motor power for steering can sort-of rotate about its axis and get the sensor back on track with less forward movement than a robot with regular steering.

I strongly advise that you deal with one issue at a time and leave the collision detection until after you have the steering working properly.