hi guys

new arrival!!!! :o

My name is Yan from the UK.

Very interested in Arduino as they help tremendously with prototyping my inventions.

Cant wait to get some advice and also try and contribute and share projects.

currently I have a big challenge getting a quadrature counter IC (Avago HCTL-2020) working. I have replied to an old thread on this particular IC but if that is not successful then I will do a fresh post.

Best regards and thanks everyone for helping to create this platform that makes embedded much more acessible

Welcome to the group!

Hi Yan!

Yep, welcome. In this forum, it is always best to start a new thread, as old threads may not have th original participants around, or the subject, while tangential, may not be the same. I don't even know what a "quadrature counter IC" is, but you can be sure that someone here does, and they will surly be more than happy to clue you in!

Have fun!

ps, If you haven't seen it, check out the Gallery/Exhibit subforum. The perfect place to show off your projets and inventions.

thanks for the tip, always good to get inspiration

You found your way to the bar, a sign of intelligence right there.

Here's a gold mine: https://www.gammon.com.au/forum/bbshowpost.php?bbtopic_id=123

The tasking on Arduino links are below. The first one and the state machine from the second are what's really needed to run lightning fast cooperative tasking.

^^That is indeed a goldmine :) .