Hi, I am new to this forum.

Hello, I am new to this forum and wanted to formally introduce my self. I am 14 and I live in Western NC. I do not own an aduino, I am planning on buying one though. If you have any tips for a begginer it would be helpful.

A tip if you want to get easy going and play around with code only first.

Get an Arduino, get a shield where you can put the buckled wires in, and sensor bricks with the same connector on.

This will allow you to just plug the sensors in, and only thing you need to think about, is if the code is right.

Also, if you’re new to programming is C, take the pain and work through a C programming tutorial. The stuff from “hello world” to arrays and pointers. It will while away the waiting time and will come in very handy once you have the hardware. Most of what you learn there will be directly applicable on the Arduino.

All you need is any free C compiler which includes the standard C library and a text editor. The important lessons to learn for programming the Arduino can all be done with simple command line programs and the default libraries existing for the past 40 years. No need for fancy stuff, windows and graphics. Those won’t work on the Arduino anyway.

Any tutorial will do, use the one that looks best to you. Here are just a few random hits from Google when looking for C programming Tutorial:



I bought the starter pack here: Arduino Tutorial - Learn electronics and microcontrollers using Arduino! and did the tutorials. It teaches you how to do some beginner coding.

If you get a little intimidated by the C programming references (they can be AWFULLY dry… I mean eating a box of saltines in the Sahara dry), take a good look at the examples that come with the Arduino software.

If you haven’t already, download and install the software (called an IDE, Integrated Development Environment), and take a look at the example programs and “stubs” that are included. Not only are they decent examples, they are well commented in most cases, which can go a LONG way. Even just “guessing”, you should be able to figure out roughly what the program is doing… and how. Look up statements that confuse you. Last (but far from least), these forums are phenomenal.

Basic C structure, then start fiddling with the Arduino… you’re not going to hurt it. “Blink” is the obligatory “Hello, World” first program, by the way…

Welcome :slight_smile:

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