hi i need help about a pharmacy cross in p16 module 2R1G

GOOD I bought a cross from a second-hand pharmacy which did not work I found that the controller no longer functioned I bought another controller but not the same it’s a huidu u63 but I don’t know how to connect modules with the meri controller of your help


This web site is dedicated to projects based around the Arduino family of micro-controllers and related educational kits. I can't see anything in your post that in any way relates to Arduino, do please explain the connection.

Thank you.


You did not explain that very well, but it seems you bought a second-hand display.

If - as Perry implies - you do the research and give us Weblinks to the controller you mention and what you have identified the display to be, we might be able to help or at least determine whether it is indeed, something with which an Arduino might help. :roll_eyes: