Hi I'm Adam I'm New to the Arduino system

Hello all My Name is Adam

I'm extremely new to the Arduino system but have herd weird and wonderful things regarding its uses.

I have been told it is easy to program and perform various tasks. But! i have no idea how to program in any language I have a hugh difficulty understanding programming books and the tutorials which have been provided the reason is i don't understand the information. i really want to understand it but it frustrates me that i cant and i tend to get grumpy and annoyed.So if there is a tutorial or video walk through that anyone knows about which is really easy for a first timer that would be fantastic!

thanks for your time


Hi my name is Adam, too.

I think most people prefer to come up with a project, find an example or something on the Internet and then modify it slightly to do what they want. This gets you familiar with things but you don't have to directly produce code either.

I've heard good things about this tutorial: Arduino Tutorial - Learn electronics and microcontrollers using Arduino!

I don't have much to say, but my name is Adam.

Watch some of the YouTube tutorials (keywords: arduino tutorial) for example: