Hi IM new and I need some help...............

Hi Im new to this forums.AS my name suggests i am 11 (thoiugh EXTREMLY smart)and i just recieved an Arduino Demoilanove.I also got an LCD from Sparkfun.I wanted to know how to connect a LCD to the arduuino and make it write messages.It said that the LCD used HD44780 parallel interface.
It will be help full if it would be easy to understand.

(thoiugh EXTREMLY smart)

If you were you would be able to use the spell checker to correct your errors. (though EXTREMELY smart) ;)

Anyway Look in the playground for all that good stuff:- http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/InterfacingWithHardware

Ok I will try.Thank you

Anyone else?

How did you get on with the information in the playground? Did you find the LCD page?

You may also want to look at this page: http://www.arduinoprojects.com/?q=node/13