Hi, I'm New To The World Of Electronics and Programming. :P

Hey Everyone, I'm Kinda New, and I've kinda been buying some stuff To start out with for Circuit Building, and Found the Arduino metioned on Make a lot, so I got an Arduino Uno, and an Arduino Protoshield. Is there any projects a COMPLETE Newbie could possible do that's cheap? I'm 17 turning 18 in 2 days, and I don't have much of an income if you know what I'm saying. :P :blush:

If there is a 2nd hand store nearby you often can get old toys with leds and motors for only a few [fill in local currency] The nice part is that you can learn about electronics by disecting the toys (draw the schematics and try to understand it) Ask the local computer store if they have old broken stuff you may disect too.

There are projects that are cheap as they only involve a basic UNO some wires and LED's. Think of text adventure game or SIMON etc.

A good first project is a steady hands game. A bent coat hanger in a wiggly line and a loop wand connected to ground. Connect to inputs and enable the pull up resistor. You can also have end rests connected to inputs to time the transit from on end to the other, even add penalties for touching the wire.

Basically you can start of simple and make it as complex as you like.