Hi power motor to drive

Hi All, i'm new to the Forum, and to the Arduino technology in general, but have 20years+ experience in industrial automation. i'd like to use Arduino, provided with a LCD or (better) a Touchscreenn display, to drive a hi-power stepper motor through a specific driver board, to which a should only supply a clock/direction signal.

Basically, Arduino should simply generate a squared waveform, suitable to drive the power driver board... and here's the first question: what's the maximum switching frequency for an Arduino's output? can it arrive to (at least) 10 Khz?

i'm sorry if my questions sound maybe stupid... pls be patient and answer Thanks

Using just digitalWrite() you can get to beyond 100kHz, using direct port manipulation MHz... Note that the AccelStepper library is much more limited in speed due to the way it sequences its actions.

What application do you have in mind.

If you want to see what can be achieved with an Arduino, checkout the GRBL project which is a tightly coded GCODE interpreter and stepper-driver open-source project. http://bengler.no/grbl