Hi problem with Digital Potentiometer X9C103S


Guys the other day I bought and X9C103S module of potentiometer and I would like to code for increase or decrease autimatically their resistance.

The problem is that the far that I ´ve gone is this.

But My problem is that I want to write for example 1K and not do it step by step.

It is for a school proyect. Thanks!

#include <DigiPotX9Cxxx.h>

DigiPot pot(2,3,4);
int input;
void setup() {

void loop() {

 if (Serial.available()>0){
   if (input=='1'){

Unable to test but you could try:

   pot.set(value);  // where value 0 = min resistance, 99 = max restance

Reference: https://github.com/AlexGyver/PCdisplay_v3/tree/master/libraries/DigiPotX9Cxxx

What is inpue?