I just tried to post something in the exhibition area with pictures and I guess I need to post “1 normal message” before I can post pics.

I guess I’ll just say I love Arduino and it inspired me to go back to school for computer engineering. I already had degrees in business and I only did average in school for that. I just finished my first semester back and did really well. Here’s firsthand experience about how doing what you love counts, and how a challenge is its own reward. Maybe when I’m done with school I can come back here and say, “Arduino changed my life!” Lol, a little dramatic maybe, but possible.

Now come to the Exhibition forum and see my LED matrix display. Hopefully I can post it now.

Funny, I got my arduino a month or so ago (I think) and now I’m going back to uni in September.

I’m not doing electronics or computing*, but it was learning something new that inspired me.

*Work is putting me through my course, so it has to be relevant to my job. I’ll be doing Health Informatics so will try use my arduino at some point :slight_smile: