Hi to everyone my name is andrew and i'm from greece. I'm intrested in dealing with arduino project as hobby .But it is really huge. Can anybody help me about what to read first? Programming in arduino with C or something else.? Thanks a lot ..

Programming in arduino with C or something else.?

C or assembler?
I’d go for C

i mean to read first about hardware or about software? thanks

Read or go online to learn electronics first which is hardware. That's how i learned. Or if you speak english go on youtube.com and search electronics or afrotechmods video. Good Luck!

I don't know about bookstores in Greece, but in the US, the local Barnes&Noble
stores typically carry about 20 books on Arduino, mostly for beginners.

But it is really huge.

Take it slow.
Don't move to a new concept until you fully understand the current concept.

You can start here:



ok guys thanks a lt.. i will start from the very basics such as resistors transistors etc.. i ' m able to use C so i will focus on very basics of hardware