Hello friends I want read arduino mini pro code and disassemble it i have uno for connection i need help setting to uno with mini pro + computer seting to read code

one guy said this but i dont known how use avr
For reference, if you can deal with AVR assembler, you can use avrdude to get the code from the Arduino to your PC, then use the open source disassembler at this link: http://dev.frozeneskimo.com/software_projects:vavrdisasm

i will pay 50$ for it if old code works on new mini pro
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Get AVRICE for this, will cost you 50 bucks.


Assuming the "mini pro" isn't read protected, it would waste less time to mail it to someone that just knows how to do the readout & disassembling than having the same person trying to explain remotely how to do it.

Sorry, name misspelled: It's no ATMEL-ICE:

You might also find something useful here: