Hid device noob question

Hi, I am trying to build a controller for software synths on my pc.

I found that midi was not what I wanted for some of my controls. I bought a usb hid device and was find with that until I realized that hid only has 8 analog ports per device because of windows limitations for the devices. I need at least 16 analogs hopefully 32

I wondering if arduino might be a solution for my 8 per device limit because I am trying to avoid using to much hardware and my budget is low. I am thinking of using arduino mega with 16 analog inputs. My questions are about programming.

I read there is a HID script or program. If I configure the arduino for hid with 8 analogs can I add more code to use the other 8 analogs as midi? Would it be hard use the board in those 2 ways and would I need advanced programming skills to do that.

Would it be possible to configure the board to run as 2 different HID devices?