HID Device Supporting Turkish Keyboard Layout ?

Hi. Firstly, I am writing this sentence using translation. If you make a mistake, forgive me.
I am doing various hid devices. I can't use Turkish Keyboard Layout when using Arduino Pro Micro (32u4).If you know the solution for this, will you share it?
Today I saw Teensy support Turkish Keyboard Layout. But it is stated that options are used in partial.
Which characters can I use if I buy?
in addition What are the differences between Teensy 2.0 and Teensy ++ 2.0?
and is there any Teensy-like hardware that I can use as a HID device?
Thank you.

You need to modify "arduino-1.8.5\libraries\Keyboard\src\Keyboard.cpp" to add an unicode support because it support only ASCII character.

how can I do that ?.
I do not know C language very well.


Sorry for late reply but I haven't receive notification in my email box.

Well Keyboard HID standard does not support Unicode code nor ASCII, it has his own standard code that is just a scancode sent to the computer that the OS translate it.

So it's not the job of arduino to manage Turkish keyboard but to your OS.

Doesn't matter which scancode your Arduino send to your PC, it's the keyboard layout of your OS that translate it in Turkish character.