HID Keyboard sketch not working with iPhone 5

I have an Arduino Primo and am trying out the Example sketches. One in the BLE section, Periferal, HID is the HID Keyboard sketch.

I loaded it into my Arduino Primo and was able to connect and pair with the Bluetooth on my iPhone. I then went to my messages app and put the cursor in the iMessage text box. I then typed in some letters in the Arduino Serial monitor text box and pressed the Send key, but I did not see any text appear in the iMessage text box on my iPhone. I did see the text I typed show up in the Arduino Serial Monitor as follows: I input xyz, I get c = x, c = y, c = z, c = and c = , which means it got to the bleKeyboard.print(c); command.

I have had success sending and receiving characters to and from the Arduino to the nRF Connect app, so I'm pretty sure the nRF52 device is functioning.

Please advise as to possible steps to get this sketch to work.

Okay, I did another test. I got it to work with an Android phone, but not my iPhone. My iPhone bluetooth connection was called arduino, but the Android had the correct name of HID Keyboard. Any special settings on the iPhone that would let this work? If not, I propose adding comments to the HID Keyboard sketch to point out the limitation.