Hide email address

I feel a little silly, but I have been searching around for how to hide my email address in my profile. It seems many people do it, but I can't find the option.

You've done fine, your email address is already hidden.
You're mislead by the fact that only you and the staff can see your mail address now.
You can't hide your email address to yourself, would be a bit silly, wouldn't it ?

Thanks, does that also mean that other users don't see the 'email' option in the left panel under 'posts' ?

This is what they see:

Let me take this silly question further. Since I can see the email address of myself and (some) others, how do I know if my own is actually hidden? Like the OP I don't see an option in my profile to hide it.

[Edit] Ah - never mind. I thought to log out then check my posts, indeed my email address is hidden.

There is an option to hide your email is.

HOW < do you hide your email address. Do not tell me that it is hidden because I can see other's like the user's above me. Everyone else who's posted here has it hidden. I was contacted by a forum member directly because it was visible. I do not wish it to be shown. This is VERY annoying...

You might want to check what email alerts and email visibility you have enabled in your profile, though having said that I've just looked and I can't remember what option made the difference. Nothing seems obvious.

Yes, I confirm that I can see your gmail address in your profile.

I'm curious, does it list your email in your profile summary located at: "Profile" under the silhouette menu up top > then at the bottom of that page has a link to forum settings... That shows my email in the profile summary but no obvious or remotely hidden method of editing it... Just the previous menu that allows me to change it. :frowning: Not cool.

For most people, if I check the profile I see "hidden" in the email address field. That's what I hope you see if you check mine! However with both you and AngelJoe I see a gmail address.

[Edit] If I try another PC where I'm not logged in, I see hidden for everyone - so it looks like email is always hidden to non-members. Also, I just checked again here and you seem to be hidden from me now. Did you change something?

[...] Also, I just checked again here and you seem to be hidden from me now. Did you change something?

Not exactly, I sent an email to the webmaster.


My email address is listed openly to logged in users

It seems the default option for newly created users was "hide = 0" due
an error, I've modified your configuration (of course you always see
your own mail address) and corrected it for future accounts.
Thanks for reporting the issue.

AngelJoe, I hope you realize that your email address is still visible.