High Amp Relay Board

Hi all,

I've recently gained interest in a touch screen switch board to run exterior lighting, on-board accessories, etc on a vehicle. In doing my research so far, I have noticed a few people run a SainSmart 16 relay board (SainSmart 16 Relay Board). The problem I have noticed with the relays on this relay board is that while able to handle up to 30V DC, they are limited to 10A and I will have at least one if not more circuits drawing over that load.

My questions are: 1) Does anyone know of a board that is able to hold multiple relays at 12-15V/30-40A load? 2) Does anyone know of a reputable seller of mini relays that are 12-15v/30-40A that could be resoldered in place of one of the stock relays of that board.

The end goal is a similar setup to what this guy is running: https://youtu.be/l18WyvXnecQ

Thanks for any of your help and/or tips, Caleb

Those small relays could switch a bigger car-type relay if needed. Big current users in a car already have their own relay, so use that if you can.

Sainsmart 16-channel boards have problems. That might not be important for low voltage applications.

A positive thing in this case is that they have an onboard 5volt switching supply that could be used to supply your Arduino. Leo..

I'm pretty certain you won't find a relay with that footprint that is capable of more than 20A. I'd suggest following Wawa's advice. That also means that you'd be able to keep the larger relay closer to the battery or component needing the power; those big copper cables aren't cheap after all.

@Wawa / @Chagrin - Thanks for that advice! I hadn't thought of using a relay to fire a larger relay. My other option I had read a small amount about so far was using MOSFETs and skipping the relay setup, but that is still under consideration!

Again, thanks for the direction and advice!