High AWG source?

I’m trying to locate some 28-30 AWG solid core wire, but what I am finding are ridiculous prices. I only need about 25’, but I can’t seem to find this under $20!

Does anyone have a good source for hook-up wire in the US? I’ve tried Jameco, Mouser, Digi-key, Allied and various google searches.

http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062642&cp=&sr=1&kw=wire&origkw=wire&parentPage=search Would this work?

Yeah I was going to say, if you need 30 gauge look for wire wrap, Kynar, etc. Also, eBay. And don’t forget that 80-pin IDE cables are made of solid core 30 AWG.

I already harvested my spare IDE cables, but they were stranded :frowning: They were also about 15 years old, so maybe things have changed. I’ll look up “wire wrap”…and that radioshack link pretty much sums up EXACTLY what I was looking for, thanks! Ticket closed.

Old printer or serial cables work great for this. Go to the local Salvation Army store and buy up a bunch of them: tiny stranded wire inside.

They want solid core…but anyway, as I said 80 pin IDE cables. The 40 pin cables are 28AWG stranded.

Try looking for wire-wrap wire.

If you can’t find anything reasonable, PM me.


Enameled “Magnet wire” is available in all sorts of gages, for example this assortment from Radio Shack

I’ve never seen solid wire inside a computer cable (no, not even the double-density IDE and SCSI cables), but as people have pointed out, 30g wire-wrap wire is still pretty commonly available. A good surplus store will probably have some 26g wire-wrap wire as well. (hmm. DIgikey seems to have quite a variety of WW wire: 24, 26, 28, 30g. Not cheap, though! This does not seem to be a good thing to try to buy from digikey!)

Telco cables (including cat5 ethrnet) tend to be 24 to 26g, if not stranded.

Bare wire is available in craft stores in assorted sizes. I’m not sure if there is anything down at the 28g+ level (Hmm. You can get niobium 28g wire for $0.28/foot, and titanium 30g for about $0.07/foot from http://www.reactivemetals.com. Anodizes to pretty colors…)

Weird, all the 80-pin IDE cables I’ve cut up had solid core wire. Usually you can tell by the way the cable holds its shape when you make a sharp bend in it.

yeah, digi-key is NOT the answer for buying hook-up wire. Every distro seems to have it’s strengths and weaknesses.

Good point on the 80 pin IDE ribbons; i just don’t have any lying around. I ordered the Radioshack wrap up wire. I’m fairly sure that will do the trick.

If anyone cares, or maybe has a better solution, I’m using the wire to perform on-board modifications. See this link for an idea of what I am after.

See this link for an idea of what I am after.

FWIW, the professional rework techs at my day job use 30g WW wire pretty exclusively for such things.

People that wind brushless motors often use enameled wire. Is this of any help: GB | Magnet Wire 200C Temp Rating

The 28AWG cost US$ 9.95 for approx. 500ft

or this roll of approx. 120ft for US$ 2.39: GB | GoBrushless.com

or this roll of approx. 120ft for US$ 2.39: GB | GoBrushless.com

from the link:
28 AWG Newbie Wire - Small Roll

haha, Newbie Wire. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would probably need to pick up some greenhorn solder and maybe a novice iron.

Thanks for the link, though, seriously. I am going to try a few different methods to see what is the easiest to work with.