High current brushless dc motors power supply options

Hi everyone, I've recently been looking into making a linear actuator using the O-Drive high performance robot control system with an Arduino (just to see how it goes) and I have some questions in regards to power.

So I know with brushed or brush-less DC motors you can end up pulling a high amount of current, the ones I'm looking at are are 70A max current. I've made a robowars robot just recently with motors that pull a max of 60A each and it was easy to provide this with a Lipo with the ratings of 4000mAh 40C which means it can output up to 160A at it's limit. However I don't want to just use a lipo to power these motors due the having to charge them when they run out during testing. (I have two to alternate use, but it's a hassle I don't really want to be bothered with)

So my question is, how would you recommend powering these motors? Should I just stick with the Lipo's or is there a better solution that can come from a powerpoint?


(Also I was considering steppers for the diy linear actuator but I calculated I'd need at least 7200 RPM and it doesn't seem easy to calculate the RPM (without load) without just buying it and testing it?)

High power PSUs do exist but new they may cost A LOT more than a few Lipos. I can't suggest anything definite because you didn't specify a voltage. You can get used 12V supplies up to about 100A relatively cheaply as they're taken from computer servers.


Sorry for not mentioning the voltage, motors will range in the 18-24v range, unless I find something lower. I was thinking maybe a car battery in series might do?

Depending on the duty cycle you may be able to use a small battery with a small charger. The battery supports peaks of power for short periods (minutes) and the charger recharges it slowly but surely.