High Current Led PWM

I looked in the forums and didnt really find anything that fits.

Does anyone know how one could hook up high current leds phillips rebels or luxeons. I would assume that you would have to use an external power source to feed the leds because I doubt the Diecimila can supply the needed current. I am using the pot rgb wiring found is this forum but I wanted to kick it up a notch


If the LED draw more than 40 mA then you can't control it directly from an Arduino pin.

You would need to hook it up with a transistor and an external powersource.

These things use ~350ma to drive, much more than any processor can deliver.

Just to echo above, I asked the very same question on Sparkfun's forums, since that is where I was going to buy the Lux LED from:


Much more complicated than I wanted. I found this:


Which simplify matters. But still, I decided to get just a super-bright LED which sinks 20ma, which means I can just drive it directly with a resistor.