High current shift register

I'm looking for a 8bit (like the 595) high current shiftregister, i know of these:

UCN5841 TPIC6C595 A6821 MIC5821

But none of them are available from my local suppliers, anbody know of others that might fit the bill?

I need to drive a LED and the LED inside an optocoupler from each pin, and i need to be able to do that on all 8 pins at the same time, so about 35 - 40 mA from each pin and a total powerdissipation that can handle all pins sourcing (or sinking) 35-40 mA at 5Volts continously.

Thanx Mikael

You can use a bipolar transistor, mosfet transistor, darlington driver IC, mosfet driver IC and a few more things to handle more current.


You can also with some waste energy use small PNP or NPN transistor with a base resistor and current limit resistor.

Search this forum for " High current LED driver"

You would use the shift register to drive the driver that would handle powering the LEDs.

Thanks, i know about the drivers i wasjust hoping that i could find some shiftregistes that can handle the current directly.